Dr. Marion Constantinides
B.Sc., D.C., P.A.K.

Marion Head ShotDr. Constantinides serves her patients as individuals, educating and improving their health paradigm while supporting each person during their journey to achieving optimal wellness. She is a natural healthcare provider who uses cutting‐edge, sustainable methods and specializes in assisting patients who have hard to treat health issues or have been unable to find relief through a standard course of treatment. Elite athletes and elite military who need strong, conservative (non‐surgical), all natural health care also seek her services.

She is board certified in Professional Applied Kinesiology by the International College of Applied Kinesiology and in Chiropractic Medicine by the Virginia Board of Medicine. Dr. Constantinides holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Colorado and Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States.

With over 22 years of experience in healthcare, Dr. Constantinides brings an extensive and unique perspective to working with all patients. As a military veteran, she has had specialty training in combat medicine and Emergency Medicine (EMT). Her military experience gives her a great deal of compassion for patients who are members of our military and their family members.

Dr. Constantinides is the author of Totally‐Grain‐Free.com, a blog dedicated to those with allergies and sensitivities to all grains. She has completed a documentary to illustrate how a Totally‐Grain‐Free lifestyle will ultimately shift the public’s standard expectations of health. Dr. Constantinides is in the development stages of specialty Totally‐Grain‐Free products to be sold nationwide.

Dr. Constantinides volunteers with the United Way of South Hampton Roads as Vice‐Chair on the Health Impact Board. The board assists non‐profit organizations by designating funding for special health related community programs, as well as distributing emergency funding on an as needed basis.

She believes that education to the public and professionals is the best way to promote health. He regularly lectures to small groups in his community, at corporate events and holds education courses for special interest groups and professionals.